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Hypnotic Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Hypnotic Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Experience deep relaxation with this simple-to-follow progressive muscle relaxation audio track. It's been designed to relax you quickly and effectively, so you can schedule some 'me time' into every day! Simply sit comfortably in a place where you won't be disturbed and use headphones for maximum effect. 


WARNING: Never listen to hypnotherapy audio whilst driving, operating machinery, or, doing any activity that requires your full attention. Hypnotherapy is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions, including epilepsy and psychosis. Please consult with your medical practitioner if you are unsure whether hypnotherapy is safe for you.

  • Hypnotherapy: MP3 audio file

    Age range: Adults
    Format: MP3 (18.4 MB) 
    Length: 19:37 minutes
    Voice: Hypnotherapist, Marie Darlow
    Background Music: 'Weightless' by professional film composer Paul Honey

£7.99 Regular Price
£4.00Sale Price

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